START HERE Marketing Academy

Learn how to:
Run successful ads on Facebook.

START HERE Marketing Academy is the answer for business owners who want to get better results with online marketing but don't know where to begin.

Build your first marketing engine with the training, support and hands-on guidance of Anneline.

Attend weekly live online training, and submit your work for weekly critiques and feedback Zoom calls.

Meet for in-person workshops in Meadowvale where Anneline will work with you on your marketing engine. 

Gain access to the private SMA BETA Facebook Group. Stay connected and learn from the community.

What is START HERE Marketing Academy?

START HERE Marketing Academy (SMA) is a 8-week hands-on mentorship program with Anneline that combines both online and offline training and support.

By the end of the course you will have created, connected and launched your first online lead generation system for your business.

Watch the video for the scoop:

A sneak peak at the course curriculum...

By the end of this program, you will you know what all this means and will have built your first funnel.

Connecting Brand

& Avatars

Making sense how your brand and ideal customer need to connect in marketing.

Creating Content

& Writing Copy

Learn how to write copy that moves people. Create content and lead magnet/offer.

Facebook Business

Manager & 'Pixelling'

Learn about Facebook Business Manager, set up your account, and pixel your site and pages.

A Framework for

Effective Marketing

Figure out what you need to do to move your ideal customer from cold to hot.

Email Marketing

& Sequence

Learn why building your list is essential, and create your first email sequence.

Facebook Ads
(Beyond The Boost)

Learn how to create an effective FB ad campaign including targeting, re-targeting & creatives.

Mapping Your

Marketing Engine

Map your first marketing funnel/pipeline based on the framework.

Technical Setup &

Choosing Software

Get help in choosing the software that's best for your engine, and set up all the mechanics.

Analytics, Testing

& Scaling

Learn the basics on what numbers to look at and why. How to test and scale.

Denotes an additional in-person workshop over and above online training.


The BETA test group enjoys all the benefits of the mentorship at a greatly discounted price in exchange for feedback and video testimonials.

I will only be accepting 8 people for the BETA course, so be sure to apply before the cut-off date of July 31, 2019. Applying is free of charge.

The BETA course starts Tuesday September 19, 2019.

Who is this 8-week mentorship course for?

This mentorship program is for anyone who knows they need to up their marketing game but have little-to-no marketing (and or technical) knowledge.

"Have you spent time and money on marketing courses where 80% of it was GREEK to you (unless you're actually Greek, so Japanese...)?

You want to market your business but are unsure which course you need, what software to use, whether you need a website or a funnel, and what is an ESP?"


What is required from you?

“Dreaming is good but implementation is success”

- Paballo Seipei -

This 8-week mentorship course will require a lot of time to learn and implement. It's pointless learning and learning and never implementing.

Here's an idea of what commitment is required:

  • ~1.5 hrs a week for live online training
  • ~1 hr a week for online feedback & critiques
  • 3 mornings* for in-person implementation workshops in Meadowvale
  • ~5-6 hrs a week to implement
  • Besides time, you may need to purchase your own software (~$50-70/mth)

* These revolutionary implementation workshops are served with a side of coffee, muffins and fruit. I will literally be 'hands-on' to get you unstuck, help you implement and get your marketing machine rocking!


Google Ads Made-Easy with Ryan Meghdies

Ryan Meghdies

Ryan is a leading Google Ads advertiser and has kindly offered to give you an exclusive training session to get you up and running with Google Ads!

Google Ads is a powerful advertising source that most of us should add to our marketing engine. You won't want to miss this step-by-step training time.

About Ryan

He has managed web design and marketing projects for global enterprise brands as well as small business. In 2014, Ryan launched Tastic Marketing, a boutique agency that has built a reputation based on partnering with client businesses and driving exceptional growth with lead generation campaigns and techniques.

$580 Value

The Secret Ingredients for Creating Great Graphics with Lindsay Mitchell

Lindsay Mitchell

Lindsay is a leading graphic designer in her neck of the woods and enjoys making the world beautiful, one design at a time. She specializes in logos, branding and generally making things pretty through her business Modgraphic.

She is excited to share some strategies on how to make your business stand out with the right graphics, colours, fonts and overall look.

About Lindsay

Lindsay finds her true happy place with a blank canvas, great music and a glass of red. She truly loves when a brand come together, and often surprises her clients by presenting concepts they would never have imagined, yet end up choosing. When she is not designing and creating, she is raising her three kids or sitting on patios with her friends.

$290 Value

Surprise Bonus TBA!!

Christine Hull

This bonus session is going to knock your socks off! I can't disclose much more at the moment, but this guest will help you with something really important. Here's a clue:

Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?

Lack of engagement.

$360 Value

Apply for SMA BETA

The BETA test round gives you all the benefits and training of the full mentorship course but is a test-drive to help me improve the product for launch.

If you are selected for BETA, you get 50% off the regular price in exchange for your feedback and video testimonials at the end.

Please note that you will likely need to purchase some technology subscriptions to make it all work together. Budget from CAD $50-$70 monthly for tech subscription. I will give recommendations and suggestions to help you choose the tech stack that's right for you.

Apply for START HERE Marketing Academy BETA!
  • 30+ hours of hands-on live mentorship over 8 weeks along with checklists and guides
  • 3 In-person workshops where Anneline helps you with any challenges you might have (technical or strategic)
  • Download Anneline's marketing map to structure your funnel 
  • Personal feedback from Anneline on your work
  • Access to the Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Access to all the recordings to review at your own time after the course
  • Bonus #1: Google Ads Made Easy with Ryan Meghdies ($580 value)
  • Bonus #2: The Secret Ingredients for Creating Great Graphics with Lindsay Mitchell ($290 value)
  • Bonus #3: Shhhh... it's a surpise ($360 value)








If you're up for the challenge and want to be part of the first batch of business that graduate from START HERE Marketing Academy, apply before July 31, 2019.



"Anneline has incredible instincts as to what a client wants and needs... I have tripled my client base."

Hi, I'm Anneline!

Anneline Breetzke - Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Coach and Keynote Speaker

Founder of Big Splash Social (2016) a marketing consultancy in Mississauga, Creator of form-based HIV/Aids M&E system in South Africa, Author of Train-the-Trainer computer trainer guide, Co-Founder of The Development House (2003), Musician, and Speaker.

I started my first business in South Africa in 2003, an IT company that developed custom databases for Small Business, Government and Non-Profits.

However, my world lit up when I discovered digital marketing, paid advertising, funnels and traffic systems.

I've invested 1000s of dollars and countless hours learning from the best in the industry, implementing and achieving success for my clients.

As much as I enjoy doing the work for my clients, I am a teacher at heart (I'm even registered with Ontario College of Teachers... shhh, don't tell). 

I LOVE taking complex concepts, breaking them down and helping others to both understand and implement. 

There are so many marketing courses out there, but I found there's a gap for the entrepreneur who needs more support than a Zoom call.

They need someone to physically help them on their laptop to get over the bump. 

I don't want you spending money on a course only to get stuck because it's too advanced. No, I want to help you ACTUALLY DO IT!

This is what START HERE Marketing Academy is all about. A starting place for entrepreneurs that need more than online videos to build their first marketing engine.

I can't wait to work with you!