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My top 3 reasons why testimonials are critically important for your business. Did you know that humans buy based on emotion first...

We've all had that sigh-inducing message saying the file we're trying to email is too big to send. So how do you email large files quickly and easily (and for free)?

Meet Loom... I use this free Chrome screen recording extension on the daily! It's a massive time-saver for me and my clients find it easier to 'see' what I'm trying to say.

I use an amazing app to create HTML signatures that look amazing on any device and on any mail platform. There's both a paid and free version.

Want those shining stars under your business in Google results? Learn how to get more Google reviews for local businesses with a Google review link.

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp... all have different time allowances for videos you can upload to their Stories. How do you upload a video that's longer?

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