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Rocketbook, the Erasable Notebook that Digitizes Your Notes

When you discover a productivity product like this, you can't help but tell the world!


Rocketbook has fast become one of my favourite productivity things as an erasable notebook that scans your notes intelligently! 

You are able to draw and sketch things and it literally feels so much like paper but this is not paper. This is some special magical technology.

You can draw with different coloured pens - special pens from Frixion (which are amazing inventions in themselves).

For digitizing you use the free Rocketbook App to scan the page or pages and it sends it straight to Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, Trello, email and more.

When you're ready to erase your work, take a little cloth, dampen it and rub out your page to reuse it.

Rocketbook has OCR technology which means when you scan your page of text and send it to email, it is able to transcribe what you have written on the pages!

It's absolutely amazing!

Rocketbook rocks my world in 4 ways:

  1. I can enjoy the feel of writing with pen and paper while knowing it will be scanned and digitized for online keeping.
  2. OCR allows for my handwriting to transcribed into editable text! Hello?! Amazing alert.
  3. I can automatically scan pages to different destinations without having to manually select it every time. Time saver for me, foh sho!
  4. I can feel good about playing a small part in saving the environment. Rocketbook is a reusable notebook! No need to cut down more trees to fill yet another book with scribbles. [ALERT: Tree-Lover Over Here]

Get a Rocketbook!

I love to sketch, brain-dump, use diagrams, and order my processes. Rocketbook allows me to be my creative ordered self - lol.

Whether you use it for note-taking, maths, school, work, play - it's a keeper!

Check out the different sizes and types and GET YOUR FREAKING ROCKETBOOK :D

Rocketbook, the Erasable Notebook that Digitizes Your Notes

The last notebook you'll need.
Comes in different sizes too.

PS - This is my Amazon affiliate link. If you buy your Rocketbook through it I get a little sumthin' to say thanks. It doesn't cost you anything more. You can also go direct for your purchase.

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