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How Do You Get a Website without Falling Prey to These 4 Snares?

How do you get a website without falling prey

How do you get a website designed or refreshed without spending unnecessary dollars and wasting precious time?


There are 4 main areas where businesses find themselves caught in a web of expense and frustration.

We’ll look at those 4 areas and then at a better way to get what you really need without falling prey to hidden costs. How to get a website that is mobile-responsive, current, custom-built and easy to maintain.

1. Website Design Cost

Websites can cost you 1000’s of dollars to be developed by serious, hard-core programmers and top-notch designers.

Why? Because they build the website from scratch (kind of like re-inventing the wheel, except that for some big corporations or clients with lots of money, that re-invention could be amazing!)

Most businesses don’t need the wheel to be re-invented… I mean why would you waste money on reinvention if you don’t need to?

How do you get a website that doesn't cost a mortgage but has everything you need?

2. Quality

Another important point is quality… are you getting value for money? What are you getting for what you’re paying?

Some companies will charge you very little but have taken critical shortcuts (like leaving out SEO, not building in SSL Security, slow site speed, poor site hosting, chances are the site is NOT Responsive which is essential in today’s diverse platforms – mobile, tablet, etc).

I know of web designers that charge in the $20,000 region but the quality of website is only at $2,000, if that. How do you know?

To have to redo a website because of poor quality the first time round is just not something you can afford. We’ve been there…

How do you get a website that is truly excellent, optimized and effective?

3. Time

If you choose to go with the company that re-invents the cool website wheel with all the bells 'n whistles, you need to know that it is going to take a long, loooooonnnggg time for them to build it. Did I mention long?

Not many businesses have that kind of time when they’re trying to get a new venture up and running or generate leads.

How do you get a website that is quick to launch?

4. Maintenance

Here's the real clincher... Say you now you have your website, how do you keep it updated and current?

Nothing does more damage (besides a virus, of course) than people coming to a website that is outdated… showing last month’s specials… even showing yesterday’s specials!

Businesses go through a lot of changes as they take form and you need to be on your site making updates as the changes happen!

The problem with the bells & whistles company, is that you are now yesterday’s news. They will certainly offer you website support but to make the changes could take a long time AND cost you a second mortgage ;)

Keeping a website current requires constant changes… do you want to be bound to a design house that charges you for every single change and then takes their sweet time to do it?

How do you get a website that is easy to maintain?

How do you get a website like this?

As an integrated digital marketing house, we also do a lot of web design. Our clients came to us with the same questions you might have:

> How do I get a website designed that I can afford and has everything I need?
> How can I raise brand awareness and increase sales?
> How do I improve my online business image?
> How do I compete with the competition?
> How soon can I get my website up and running?
> How can I keep my website fresh and current?

The answer to those questions lies in looking for a web designer that:

1. Knows the code AND
2. Understands how to build conversion-focused websites AND
3. Has a keen eye for visual design AND
4. Has mastered social media platforms AND
5. Designs websites on a platform that allows you to make your own changes.

You don't need a site designed from ground zero. Template driven sites are not all bad, it depends on the designer. Templates save soooo much time and allow for customization that is limited only by your designer's imagination.

WordPress is an excellent web design platform, I'm referring to WordPress.org not WordPress.com. The platform is free and there are a host of free Themes (template-driven layouts) along with paid options.

There are others, like Weebly and Wix. However a caution here, make sure the platform allows for full SEO to your domain and doesn't steal some of that traffic for itself.

You can take a stab at designing it yourself if you're 'techy' and creative, but I would suggest you hire a conversion-focused web designer and marketer to create it. At least to look at it and suggest changes. 

Web design is not so much about 'looking pretty' as it is built to turn visitors into customers.


There are some great web designers out there that understand this and serve business really well. Do your research and choose a team that will treat your business with the respect and belief it deserves.

Obviously, we would love to design your website, but there are other designers to explore.

Whatever you do, please choose someone who will really listen to you, hear your dream and work with you to translate it digitally in a way that says “YES, THIS is my voice” – without any hooks, shortcuts or tie-ins.

Go big folks!


We believe that marketing is most effective when each aspect works together as a team. A website on it's own is not nearly as effective as a website that works with the business' goals, social media efforts, promotions, content marketing and advertising. Our websites are built on WordPress and are designed to work with your overall marketing plan.

About the author 

Anneline Breetzke

Hi, I'm Anneline, a South African turned proud Canadian! I'm the owner of Big Splash Social, author of Train-the-Trainer computer trainer guide, co-Founder of The Development House, Founder of START HERE Marketing Academy, Musician, and Keynote Speaker. I'd love to connect with you on Messenger.

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