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How Local Businesses Can Get More Google Reviews

As local businesses, we rely a lot on our clients singing our praises. This video gives a quick tip on how you can easily get more Google reviews for your business.


Why Google Reviews?

When you are looking for a new gardening company, you generally hop on to Google at some point to research what local gardening businesses are out there. 

You punch your search terms into Google and it spits out a long list of options... which one do you pick?

Well guaranteed the businesses that have those magical gold stars under their name are the ones you're more likely to consider.

It acts as social proof: other people have used the services of this businesses and given a non-biased rating and review.

Google My Business Reviews

HOW do you get those magical gold stars?

By first of all having your local businesses added to Google My Business and then by making it easy for your clients to rate and review.

I'm going to show you how to create a unique URL that you can give to your clients. When they click on your URL they are taken to the exact right place to rate and review your business on Google.

Let's Create Your Google Review Link

STEP 1: Log in to your Google My Business account

STEP 2: Visit Google's Developer site to generate your Place ID. Your Place ID is a unique identifier for your local business.

STEP 3: Type the name of your business in the location search box and select your business.

Find Your Local Businesses PlaceID

STEP 4: Look for "Place ID" in the box and highlight AND COPY the string of characters to the right of it - that is your unique Place ID.

Type the Name of Your Business

STEP 5: You are now going to create the actual link. PASTE your Place ID after the equals sign on this URL: 


That's it! That's the link you will give to clients to rate and review your business. Now, let's make that long link a little more user-friendly.

Shorten Your Google Review Link

I highly recommend you use a link shortener like Bitly to:
a) Shorten the link
b) Make it easier to remember

Bitly has a free version which is all you need.

After adding my long URL to Bitly, I created this version instead:

When you click on that link it will automatically take you to the long URL and open up the rate and review box for my business!

Google Reviews Local Businesses


We know how important positive reviews and testimonials of our businesses are. They are the best way to promote our products and services in a way that isn't 'salesy'.

After all, it's your clients that are doing the selling for you! Of course, this is all based on your local business giving your clients some great to talk about.

Exceptional customer service generates exceptional customer testimonials.

And those customer testimonials won't be seen if it's difficult for your clients to add them on to sites like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Make it easy for your customers to give you glowing 5 stars on Google with this simple link!

If you found this tip useful, I would so appreciate it of you clicked on my Google business review link and let me know... you knew I'd ask ;)

Thank you!

Anneline Breetzke

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About the author 

Anneline Breetzke

Hi, I'm Anneline, a South African turned proud Canadian! I'm the owner of Big Splash Social, author of Train-the-Trainer computer trainer guide, co-Founder of The Development House, Founder of START HERE Marketing Academy, Musician, and Keynote Speaker. I'd love to connect with you on Messenger.

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